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Название: Vampirism SPEED FINAL
Тип: Other
Местность: Lordaeron Summer
Размер поля: 192x160
Игровое поле: 66x66
14.08.2011 11:12:27
1912 3048

Описание: is the official website for Vampirism SPEED versions!

Размер файла: 901kb.
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Рекомендованное количество игроков: Any
Подробное описание карты Vampirism SPEED FINAL:

Try these out!

Setname commands:
-setname [insert name here]
Only player red can use the return command, it return all players name to the default.

Weather commands, only for player red
-weather rain
-weather snow
-weather off

Giving resources to teammate
-givegold [playercolor] [amount]
-givewood [playercolor] [amount]

Kicking commands
-kick [PlayerCOLOR]
-boot [PlayerCOLOR]


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