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Undead Assault II 1.5 beta 10
Название: Undead Assault II 1.5 beta 10
Тип: Other
illidan92 John S
12.07.2007 14:28:08
214 113

ar3mapImportedL ar3mapImportedL.

Размер файла: 3816kb.
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Другие версии: undead assault ii
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Рекомендованное количество игроков: 3, 5, 8, 11
Подробное описание карты Undead Assault II 1.5 beta 10:

We are almost completely certain that the Spore Colonies that have been popping up in your sector are part of an extremely large underground network; if this is true, we must map that network, for both scientific and tactical reasons. To this end, we have dropped 5 ultrasonic resonators in the LZ at the southwest town. These resonators are normally used in mining projects to find pockets of hydrocarbons or minerals underground, however, they should suit our needs well enough. Your orders are to plant the resonators at the 5 designated locations in the area in under 15 minutes , otherwise we will be unable to activate the resonators.

Your suit can tell you viable information. These commands can request more information:
"-v #" - Sets the camera distance.
"-tl" - Pings the location of your squad on your digital map.
"-dead" Pings the location of dead squad members on your digital map.
"-s" Changes the amount of shells per fire mission (Forward Observer).
"-r" Changes the maximum radius per fire mission (Forward Observer).
"-ms" Displays the current movement speed of all squad members.
"-t" Displays information about your team.
"-st" Displays the statistics of you and your team.
"-kick " (Player 1 (red) only) Kicks the player of the color. Colors are: red, blue, teal, yellow, purple, orange, green, pink, gray or grey, light blue, dark green.

The infestation level is seen at the top-right portion of your screen in the replacement of food. You want to keep it in the controlled level, which is below or at the second number (it is read: current infestation level/controlled infestation level). The controlled level varies on difficulty settings. High infestation levels can cause mutations to occur more often and can damage or even kill a squad member. Keeping it in the controlled level will offer bonus experience points over time.

Bravo Company's convoy was ambushed by a large number of hostiles not too long ago, and was destroyed. There are a few survivors from the attack, however we cannot afford to send aircraft to look for them, as we need to use our helicopters to ferry supplies to replace those that have now been lost. Therefor we have redirected the survivors to your sector, where the task of escorting them through the hostile area to their extraction point will be yours.

Airborne surveillance of the area surrounding your sector has revealed that there are about 4 Gonarchs incoming to your sector. In order to prevent the area from being overrun, we have begun bombardment with specialized shells containing T-Virus samples; and we have enough ammunition to keep this assault up for 9 minutes . While it is suggested that you use the T-Virus clouds to your advantage in destroying the Gonarchs, your mission is simply to destroy them by any means available.

Survival mode is much different from other modes. Survival mode has completely different missions, a boost to enemy statistics, and a much different goal. In survival mode you do not lose experience for failing missions and gain less for completing them, but are granted 2 experience every 3 minutes just for having your team survive. The goal is to survive for 50 minutes and you do not respawn after death.

We are sending a helicopter to the southwestern town's LZ in order to evacuate the remaining civilians. The civilians in the northwestern town, however, will have to travel on foot to the helicopter. Satellites have shown us that Zombies have been attacking from the west, and the civilians will likely run into them on their way to the town. Defend the civilians until they are all on board the chopper, then report to the southwestern town to deal with our next crisis.

The Umbrella facility needs to be searched for any sort of evidence that could help us in our case against the corporation. Remember that, while this task is important, defending the civilians is your top priority; you should spend no more than 5 minutes on this task, after which you must return to defend the towns. While any evidence you can find is nice, we will need at least 3 pieces in order to have a strong enough case to convict Umbrella in our case against them.

As you complete missions you gain experience. Every 6 enemy kills gives you 1 bonus experience.
Experience Needed - Rank - Rank Number:
251-500=Private First Class2
501-2500=Lance Corporal3
8001-12000=Staff Seargant6
12001-20000=Gunnery Seargant7
20001-30000=Master Seargant8
30001-40000=Seargant Major9
40001-50000=Warrant Officer10
50001-60000=Chief Warrant Officer11
60001-70000=2nd Lieutenant12
70001-80000=1st Lieutenant13
130001-190000=Lieutenant Colonel16
300001-500000=Lieutenant General18

A massive, Behemoth-Grade creature has been spotted moving into your sector. Your orders are to mobilize a force to destroy this abomination before it reaches either of the towns; as it's presence will likely overwhelm the already taxed defenses. Be warned: The Behemoth will resist most types of standard bullets; you are advised to use stun or armor piercing rounds, as well as any explosives you have.

-Made by illidan92 and John_S. Visit our website at: undeadassault.net

-Thanks to olofmoleman for his horseshoe crab model!
-Thanks to Hellish Hybrid for his decapitated corpse model.
-Thanks to Punisher_X for his house rubble, street lamp, barrel, box and power line doodads.
-Special thanks to The)TideHunter( for helping me with jass bugs.
=Beta Testers=

Satellites show that several Spore Colonies have emerged in your sector, While the colonies themselves are not an immediate threat, their presence contributes to the instability of the area. These pests must, therefore, be hunted down and eradicated; before they can do any real damage. We are having problems with our satellite uplink, so you will have to find the colonies on your own.

A Genisis-Grade life-form has been spotted by nearby ground forces, and it seems to be heading for your sector. In order to completely restore security to the sector, this monster must be dealt with; before it can do any more damage. Bravo company will be securing LZs with you for support. After Genisis is destroyed, you can all have the rest of the day off.

The resonators have mapped a huge network of tunnels that extend throughout and beyond your sector. Unfortunately, they also seem to have aggravated the inhabitants of the tunnels. Satellites have picked up 5 large creatures emerging from the network and moving fast in your direction. Your top priority should be making sure that the towns and civilians survive this onslaught.

Satellite surveillance has revealed that there is a Minerva-Grade infested organism not far from your current position, and it appears to be inbound. You must destroy this creature in order to maintain security in your sector, and you must do so before it causes any serious harm to either of the towns or to any of the surviving civilians.

Extraction is put on hold due to too many hostiles. We have no outstanding tasks or missions for you at this time. Your standing orders are to focus on survival, as well as the protection of the two towns and their inhabitants. Defend the towns, search for ammunition, and reinforce the sector at your own discretion.

Some civilian survivors from the area around Boston have managed to acquire a truck, and are heading for our Forward Operations post south of your sector. Though we have already dispatched a commando unit to guard them, it is very likely that they will not be able to hold off a full attack. Ensure that the truck gets through the sector, then return to your defenses.

Bravo Company is escorting a convoy carrying equipment, supplies, and ammunition to the Forward Operations post to the south, and is presently passing through your sector. It is absolutely imperative that this convoy is not destroyed, and you are ordered to protect the convoy, both the trucks and the soldiers, as it passes through the hostile zone.

Initial airborne reconnaissance drones have picked up at least five Spore Colonies operating in your sector. While not the greatest threat, these colonies may severely destabilize the sector if left unattended. Hostile units are bearing down on your location: We estimate that you have 9 minutes to purge these colonies before you have greater issues to deal with.

SOCOM: We'll need you to get into the Umbrella Facility to look for any more information, but their sentry guns have gone crazy and are killing anything that enters the facility. We'll need you to go in there and deactivate 3 power generators to turn off the sentries with satchel charges.


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