The World 시즌2 v1.0h

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The World 시즌2 v1.0h
Название: The World 시즌2 v1.0h
Тип: Role Playing (RPG)
Местность: Cityscape
Размер поля: 96x96
Игровое поле: 84x84
Количество игроков: 8
16.09.2012 00:46:31
766 281

Producer: 과일 Co-Producer: Keekero Game type: RPG

Размер файла: 7618kb.
Скачать [ENG]twrpgv1.0h.w3x
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Другие версии: the world
• 1.0 • 0.70.04

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Рекомендованное количество игроков: 8명
Подробное описание карты The World 시즌2 v1.0h:

Number of raid bosses in the current map - 10

Raid bosses will drop special items
Information of bosses can be found on the bookshelves in wizard tower.

Ruler of the Sea
[Blue powder required - 5]

Wallace the Count
[Red powder required - 5]

[Red powder required - 5]

[Red powder required - 5]

King of Wizards
[Red powder required - 5]

The lord of Frostmourne
[Blue powder required - 10]

Guardians of Royal tomb
[Holy powder required - 3]

The Spider Queen
[Blue powder required - 10, Holy powder required - 2]

[Red powder required - 12]

In party, members have Shared vision and Exp, Auras will also affect party members. In addition, shared-control is allowed.

Party Create: -party create
Party Join: -party join
Party Out: -party out
Party Check: -party check
Party Destroy: -party destroy

1 Yeti's chipped tooth + 1 Minor magic stone = White powder
1 White powder + 1 Lesser magic stone = Green powder
1 Green powder + 1 Intermediate magic stone = Blue powder
1 Blue powder + 1 Greater magic stone = Red powder
5 Red powder + 5 Greater magic stone = Holy powder

Rusty pickaxe + 20 Iron ore + 1 Silver ore = Sturdy pickaxe
Magic rusty pickaxe + 30 Lesser magic stone = Sturdy magic pickaxe
Sturdy pickaxe + ??? + 50 Silver ore = Mithril pickaxe

For more recipes:

Every level-up earns 4 stat points.
Accumulation of 40 or more stat points will result in deletion of additional stat points gained.
Stat points balance is shown on status window(top-right).

- Commands -
-str 1 ~ 12
-agi 1 ~ 12
-int 1 ~ 12

Ultimate skill: Acquired at Lv.260

Epic items: Binds when equipped by hero

Quests: Quest rewards are given to hero below Lv.350, above Lv.350 hero will not receive quest rewards (Except for potion reward quests at wizard tower)

When fatigue(red cross) reaches 100, character will be deleted from game.
To remove fatigue, use restoration potion(purple) available at food vendor.

Fatigue will not increase when character is in a village or town.

Acquired 500points - Skilled
Acquired 1000points - Expert
Acquired 2000points - Veteran
Acquired 3000points - Hero
Acquired 5000points - Monarch
Acquired 10000points - The Lord
Acquired 50000points - Supreme

For suggestions or reporting of bugs found
Mail to:( )
or post at forum under bugs/suggestions
Uploading replay of bugs will be very much appreciated.

How to PVP: Talk to captain at barrack

Victory condition: Annihilate opposition
Defeat condition: Own side annihilation

Victory side will be awarded 10 pvp points

Save Game: -save
Once game is saved, character disappears from game.

Load Game: -load code
Loaded items are binded to character.

Backpack: ESC

Zoom: -zoom 50 ~ 150
Fixed Camera View: -fix
Fixed Cancel: -fixcancel

Suicide: -kill

Roll: -roll

Cleanup: -cleanup

Producer: Keekero

Map Tester: sixtale2, twilight, etc.
Models & Terrain: Warcraft Unlimited, uu9, scv3m, 하링님, 따해님
(Eng)Translation: Yosh11

Official Channel - twrpg
Official Website -

Producer: 과일
Co-Producer: Keekero

Game type: RPG


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The World 시즌2 v1.0nThe World 시즌2 v1.0m
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