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Pudge Wars v2.03b
Название: Pudge Wars v2.03b
Тип: Mini-Game Sports
Местность: Lordaeron Summer
Количество игроков: 3
03.06.2012 12:13:56
547 698

A mini-game where two opposing teams aim to achieve victory by scoring a certain amount of enemy kills or winning a certain amount of rounds first. This map is based off the character, Pudge the Butcher, from DotA, and his signature skill: Meat Hook.

Размер файла: 1307kb.
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Другие версии: pudge wars
• 2.03b • 2013232.03d2.03c2.03c2.032.1921.01Pudge Wars!Pudge Wars

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Рекомендованное количество игроков: 3v3
Подробное описание карты Pudge Wars v2.03b:


*Reduced base movespeed from 350 to 325

Meat Hook
*Reduced damage upgrade amount from 35 to 20
*Reduced radius upgrade amount from 15 to 10
*Reduced speed upgrade amount from 75 to 50


*Added a new consumable item: Dust of Apperance (25g)
Effect: Reveals invisible units within 500 radius area of effect. Lasts 5 seconds. Contains 2 charges.
*Changed the item models of most items to a miniture version of the hero they represent

Strygwyr’s Claws:
*Reduced base drag % by 5% (10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%)
*Level 5 bonus Rupture reduced from 40% to 30%
*Level 5 bonus Rupture duration reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds
*Level 5 bonus Rupture no longer deals damage on Blink (distance must be more than 250 range)

Azwraith’s Lance:
*Illusions cannot spawn if hook causes death

Tiny’s Arm:
*Reduced cast range increment from 500 to 300 (1000/1300/1600/1900/2200 range)
*Cast range changed to infinite, but actual effect distance will remain the actual maximum range

Techies’ Explosive Barrel:
*Reduced mine damage from (500, 575, 650, 725, 800) to (300, 350, 400, 450, 500)
*Reduced thrown mines' damage from (750, 900, 1050, 1100, 1250) to (500, 575, 650, 725, 800)
*Reduced area of effect (applies to both ground and thrown): Full damage:
Reduced by 50. From (200, 225, 250, 275, 300) to (150, 175, 200, 225, 250)
Half damage: Reduced by 100. From (400, 425, 450, 475, 500) to (300, 325, 350, 375, 400)

Barathrum’s Lantern:
*Power Bash no longer affects allies

Lycan’s Paws (Please send feedback in regards to this item):
*Movespeed bonus reduced from 50/75/100/125/150 to 40/55/70/85/100
*Movespeed increase % removed from Level 5. Attack % increase from 27% to 40%

*Reveal now costs a fixed 10g
*Reveal now has a 15s cooldown


*Powerups now spawn as ally instead of enemy
*Changed powerup spawn algorithm: the powerup chosen is still random but cannot be repeated until all other powerups have been spawned

*Flame unit vision reduced from 500 to 200 (same as v1.24)

*Thunder nova now created when activated
*Added new lightning visual effect for meat hook. If flame is active with thunder, the hook will be a red lightning (currently not possible unless under testing conditions)

*Suiciding not caused by Techies' Ultimate or Dynamite rune now causes your team to lose one point
*Max level heroes no longer drain xp
*Invulnerability when reviving lasts only 2.5 seconds. Hook-safety still remains 5 seconds.
*Hints are now displayed every 45 seconds for newer players. Use -togglehints/-toghints to turn on/off. Use -showhint to display a random hint.
*Revive time for non-km mode changed from 3(level) + 5 to (level) + 5
*Observers/Referees can now see damage tags and other messages
*Leaver gold and items are no longer distributed (maybe this will fix the lag?)
*Added HCL support for bots. Currently only supports the following modes:
'k1n' = -km100nt
'k1' = -km100
Feedback on this area is appreciated.


*Leaver heroes are now removed
*Dynamite now explodes when the previous holder was an illusion who has dissapeared
*Fixed a bug in where giving an item which became an upgraded item would still allow you to cast the ability

Known bugs:
*When a player leaves lag is created

The killing of the enemy units is fundamental to the game.

- Killing an ally is counted as a "deny" (as you're denying the enemy a kill).
- Killing an enemy is counted as a "kill".
- Killing yourself is counted as a suicide.

Killing Sprees
- For each consecutive kill you make on enemies, your spree is increased by one.
- Dying will result in your spree being reset to zero.
- A spree does not grant you extra gold in your kills, infact it does the opposite. If your spree is ended as a result of being killed by an enemy, they gain additional gold.
- The level of spree is significant after three consecutive kills and share the same system from DotA. The sprees starting from three consecutive enemy kills are: killing spree, dominating, mega-kill, unstoppable, wicked sick, monster kill, godlike, and beyond godlike.
- A "killing spree" provides 30 gold bounty when ended. The gold bounty increments by 10 for each succesful spree jump. For example, dominating is worth 40 gold, mega-kill is worth 50 gold, and beyond godlike is worth 100 gold.

Killing an Enemy
- When you kill an enemy hero, you gain a certain amount of gold. The total amount of gold you recieve is calculated as: 10 + (5 * (enemy level - 1) + spree gold).

Being Killed
- When you die, you do not lose any gold.

Every 40 seconds, a random powerup will spawn from one end of the river and travel to the other end. Killing the powerup (by Meat Hook, or attacking, etc.) will reward the killer.

Here is the list of powerups that will spawn and a description of them:

Thunder: The Thunder powerup causes Pudge's hook to explode in a Lightning Nova, which releases a bolt of Chain Lightning upon anything it hits, dealing damage proportional to his Hook's speed.

Flame: Causes Pudge's Hook to catch fire, burning anyone close to it for damage proportional to his Hook's radius every second.

Bladebarrier: Creates a swarm of whirling blades which deflect incoming hooks around Pudge. The blades deal damage proportional to his Hook's range every second.

Gold: The Gold powerup gives you gold.

Hyperspeed: The Hyperspeed powerup causes Pudge to accelerate to near superluminal velocities. Everything moves slowly compared to his incredible speed.

Dynamite: The Dynamite powerup attaches a ticking Time Bomb to Pudge. When it goes off, it deals damage proportional to the holder's current HP in a 500 range radius for the previous holder of the bomb, or the current holder if the current holder is also the one who caught the powerup.

Each command has a long form and a short form,

Example: Flame would be -flame or ff.

Here is the list of available commands:

Description: Creates the Thunder powerup effect on the selected unit.

Description: Creates the Flame powerup effect on the selected unit.

Description: Creates the Hyperspeed powerup effect on the selected unit

Description: Creates the Blade Barrier powerup effect on the selected unit

Description: Creates the Dynamite powerup effect on the selected unit

Description: This command will purge most effects from the selected unit

-pwtype x
Description: Set the type of powerup to spawn.
1 - Thunder
2 - Flame
3 - Hyperspeed
4 - Gold
5 - Blade Barrier
6 - Dynamite

Input "none" to set it back to random.

-pwspawn x
Description: Set how often the powerups will spawn. The minimum spawn time is 3 seconds.

'Jesus4Lyf' for 'Hash, 'DummyCaster', Damage'
'Vexorian' for 'Table', 'SimError', 'TimerUtils', 'FauxHandleVars'
'Anitarf' for 'SpellEvent'
'Rising_Dusk' for 'GroupUtils'
'Magtheridon96' for 'RegisterPlayerUnitEvent'
'BBQ' for 'PeriodicLoop'
'Tirlititi' for 'ClearItems'
'grim001' for 'GetProc'
'nestharus' for 'Event'
'kenny' for extracts of code I used from his 'Pudge Wars Meat Hook Revisited' resource

'xXMephistoXx' for the 'Magic Hat' model (used for hat party command)
'kunkka' for the loading screen

'BAkil', 'TrevorTheHoly', 'Orgetorox', 'Fire525108', 'aznshocktrooper'

'kingkingyyk3'for developing the AI
'Mr_Bean' for continued support and managing the forums
'Tossrock' for developing this amazing map

-hat party (Host only): Starts a hat party. Use the command again to deactivate.
-sb: Switches between the personal board and the game board.
-vb: Turns verbose damage text on and off.
-stats: Displays the statistics of your hook.
-ns/-noheadshot: Disables/enables the Headshot sound from playing.
-rh/-resethook: Used as a temporary solution to the dreaded "Meat Hook retracted" bug. You must have no hooks active and the Meat Hook Retracted unit must be missing for this to work.
-clear: Clears the screen of text messages.
-togglehints/-toghints: Toggles hints on/off.
-showhint: Shows a random hint.

To select a mode, first choose -km or -rm for kills or rounds. Next comes the number of kills/rounds you want (must be 3 digits).

Finally, add any modifiers you want.

Current modifiers:
-nt: Enables No Timer mode; respawn times are always 5 seconds
-bm: Enables Boosted Mode; starting level is set to 5 and starting gold is set to 250.
-np: Enables No Powerup mode; powerups will no longer spawn.
-ho: Enables Hook Only mode; you may not upgrade your hook or purchase from the Items or Upgrades shop.


A mini-game where two opposing teams aim to achieve victory by scoring a certain amount of enemy kills or winning a certain amount of rounds first. This map is based off the character, Pudge the Butcher, from DotA, and his signature skill: Meat Hook.

*Fixed lag caused when items would be dropped
*Leaver items and gold now given to team again


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