Farmer vs Hunter 7.3

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Farmer vs Hunter 7.3
Название: Farmer vs Hunter 7.3
Тип: Other
Местность: Northrend
Размер поля: 192x160
Количество игроков: 2
28.02.2012 11:53:20
852 453

Change Models And Icons For Some Reason Fixed Buildings,Units,Names SORRY FOR WRONG UPLOAD ON FARMER VS HUNTER 7.2

Размер файла: 1125kb.
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Другие версии: farmer vs hunter
• 7.3 • 427.

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Подробное описание карты Farmer vs Hunter 7.3:
Fixed Icons And Other Things Also The Abilities Of A Building Where There Is -Default String

I Don't Know Who Uploaded Farmer Vs Hunter 7.2

Farmers vs Hunters 7.3

Cheat Enabled
-gold //Set gold
-lumber //Set lumber
-pathon //Turns path off for unit (Selected unit)
-pathoff //Turns path on for unit (Selected unit)
-clone //Clones unit (Selected unit)
-lvl //Set unit level (Selected unit)
-hp //Set unit hitpoints (Selected unit)
-debuff //Removes all buffs from selected unit (Selected unit)
-kill //Kills unit (Selected unit)
-refresh //Restarts all cooldowns on unit (Selected unit)
-kick //Kicks players 1-12
-using //Checks whos using cheats

Places a hidden explosive trap at a target point. Enemy units that move near the land mine will activate the trap, destroying the trap and causing area of effect damage to nearby units. Contains charges.

The Hunter rages, increasing movement rate by % and increasing attack rate and allowing him to chop down trees.Lasts seconds.Level 1 - % attack rate increase.Level 2 - % attack rate increase.Level 3 - % attack rate increase.

Lord Ashton,Lord Noctorious,Lord Deathstorm,Lord Maldazzar,Lord Darkhallow,Lord Lightstalker,Baron Bloodbane,Baron Felblade,Duke Dreadmoore,Duke Ragereaver,Baron Frostfel,Lord Darkscythe,Duke Wintermaul,Baron Perenolde,Baron Morte

Sage Truthbearer,Malak the Avenger,Gavinrad the Dire,Morlune the Mighty,Agamand the True,Ballador the Bright,Zann the Defender,Arius the Seeker,Aurrius the Pure,Karnwield the Seeker,Buzan the Fearless

Kidnaps an enemy land unit, slowly killing it and dealing damage per second to it. If the Assassin is killed while the kidnapped unit is still alive, the unit that was kidnapped will be released.

Versatile spear-thrower, effective against air units. Has the Berserk and Bloodlust ability, which allows it to deal more damage, but take more damage when attacked. Can learn Troll Regeneration. Attacks land and air units.

Orc Burrow is the house for Orc Worker . Orc Worker can return the lumber to here. Orc Worker can hide into Orc Burrow and attack enemy.Orc Burrow can be upgraded to tower .

Kills a herd of sheep or pig instantly, transforming it into gold which is added to your available gold! WARNING farmers must not come close when selling animals .

You can buy cheap Inferno Stones here,each Inferno Stone can summon several Inferno to attack emeny .Inferno are harmful to farmers if u summon it at thier farms.

Adds bonus damage. The Hero's attacks also dispel magic and slow the movement speed of the enemy for seconds. Mana Bonus. Deals bonus damage to summoned units.

Changed Skins And Models And Other Triggers
I Add When You Get Killed The Map Will Ping And Reveal Who Is Killed

And Oh Please Don't Say That The Hunter Is Using Maphack

Allows the user to become invisible, and move % faster for seconds. If the user attacks a unit to break invisibility, the attack will do bonus damage.

Combat ConsumableRenders the wild for seconds when used. A wild Hero is faster and recovers from attacks. If the Hero is attacked, the life of hero is recovered.

Primary structure, used to train Wisps . Can be upgraded to Tree of Eternity to enable the production of additional types of structures and units.

Supporting spellcaster. Can cast Heal, Purge, Slow, Cripple, Dispel Magic, Inner Fire and Resurrection. Attacks land and air units.

Summons a Fire Monster to fight for you,Fire Monster can be a fire bomb to harm nearby units and (Destory Trees!). Lasts seconds.

Dragon Castle is optopnal tactic weapon,a carrier with heavy armor,slow-moving,but it can launch surprise attack and destroy enemy building easily.

Track the enemy unit and see were it will go and reduces a target enemy unit's armor by and gives vision of that unit. Lasts seconds.

The power of the bomb is the same as Bomberman I's,but Bomberman II has strong body,and will finish mission even under several attacks.

The Bounty Hunter hurls a shuriken that will seek enemy units, damaging running farmer enemies. Each knife does damage.

This Map Is Only A Edited From The Real One Hope You Like It
I Edited It Because The Old One Seems Pretty Boring To Play

The Grunt rages, allowing him to chop down trees, increasing movement rate by % and increasing attack rate by % for seconds.

Basic observation tower. Has no attack, but can be upgraded into a Elemental Tower and can detect Invisible.

Basic worker unit. Can harvest lumber. Can Detonate to dispel magic, hurt summoned creatures and drain mana in an area.

You can buy cheap Dragon Eggs here.Each Dragon Egg can summon several Dragons .Dragons are execellent seacher


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