DotA v6.74c LoD v5f

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DotA v6.74c LoD v5f
Название: DotA v6.74c LoD v5f
Тип: Castle Defense
Местность: Felwood
Размер поля: 192x160
Количество игроков: 10
14.10.2012 10:55:17
2132 2338

1 lives here
Main game modes: (ap, ar, sd, md) Sub modes: (d2, d3, d4, d5, s5, s6, os, ra, bo, ul, ss, ab, fn, ls) Map by Lordshinjo Get the latest map on !

Размер файла: 7799kb.
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Другие версии: dota lod
• 6.74c • 6.77c6.74c6.74c6.74c6.74c6.74c6.74c6.74c6.74c6.746.73c6.73c6.73c6.73c6.73c6.73c6.73c6.736.69b6.69b6.69b6.69b6.69b6.69b6.69b6.69b6.69b6.69b6.69b6.69b

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Рекомендованное количество игроков: 10
Подробное описание карты DotA v6.74c LoD v5f:

*Fixed a critical bug where under certain conditions items would not appear, and most spells wouldn't work
*Illusions now get the passives of their hero
*Fixed -sp (-showpassive) disabling most passives
*Fixed bad interactions between -shuffleplayers (-sp) and -oneskill (-os)/-mirrordraft (-md)
*Fixed a bug where a hero could reach a level>25 outside of -unlimitedlevel
*Fixed some spells not giving souls for Necromastery
*Fixed multicast Toss tossing yourself or tossing to the center of the map
*Fixed multicast sometimes failing to cast due to range
*Fixed multicast Shadowraze to always go in the direction you were originally facing
*Fixed a few items (like TP Scroll) procing Multicast, Aftershock, etc
*Fixed Spell Steal being able to steal spells you already have
*Fixed some heroes (with 0 cast point) being able to cast some spells when they were not supposed to
*Fixed Spirit Lance illusions not spawning next to the enemy when you don't have Juxtapose
*Fixed Essence Shift sometimes failing to steal stats for ranged heroes
*Fixed Inner Vitality and Whirling Death sometimes considering the wrong main attribute when a hero is morphed
*Nature's Guise now ends when the caster uses an arrow spell (impetus, etc)
*Fixed Shapeshift to properly give maximum ms to all units you control
*Fixed Fire Remnant not functioning when picked as your 6th ability
*Fixed Morph not giving bonus stats when picked as your 5th ability
*Fixed Spirit Bear to properly die when his owner dies

*The observer scoreboard now displays the skills (with level) of each player
*Enabled Reactive Armor
*Enabled Rubick
*Added an animation during Blade Fury and Counter Helix for heroes who cannot spin
*More skills combinations are available. The spells in each category could previously not be picked together:
-acidbomb category: Tombstone, Storm Bolt, Mana Leak, Spirit Lance, Relocate, Elune's Arrow, Illusory Orb, Ghost Ship, Powershot, Static Storm, Ice Shards, Supernova, Mystic Flare, Timber Chain, Stifling Dagger, Static Link, The Swarm, Spectral Dagger, Ice Blast, Death Coil, Malefice, Fire Remnant
-thunderbolt category: Ensnare, Leech Seed, Test of Faith, Whirling Axes, Inner Vitality, Duel, Fatal Bonds, Ion Shell, Demonic Conversion, Flamebreak
-channel category: Freezing Field, Song of the Siren, Fissure, Blink Strike, Global Silence, Overgrowth, Earth Splitter, Illuminate, Multicast (agha), Toss, Hand of God, Eclipse, Unstable Concoction, Starfall, Waning Rift, Battery Assault, Rocket Barrage, Icarus Dive, Viscous Nasal Goo, Flame Guard, Howl, Phantom Strike, Hunter in the Night, Infest, Meat Hook, Charge of Darkness, Time Lapse, Burrowstrike, Berserker's Call, Dark Rift, Midnight Pulse, Cold Feet, Pounce, Shadow Poison, Reality Rift, Rearm, Devour
-impale category: Lion and NA's Impale
-acolyteharvest category: Illusory Orb, Shadow Poison, Chakra Magic, Tether, Snowball, Fire Spirits, Haunt, Fire Remnant
-charm category: Echo Stomp, Power Cog, X Marks the Spot, Focus Fire, Stone Gaze, Epicenter
-volcano category: Ancestral Spirit, Soul Rip, Venomous Gale
-coldarrows category: Icarus Dive, Illuminate, Replicate
(some of the combinations listed might still be unavailable for other reasons)

*The following combinations have been unlocked:
-Blizzard: Crystal Nova, Smoke Screen, Curse of the Silent, Spirit Form, Avalanche, Shrapnel, Acid Spray, Dream Coil, Torrent, Calldown, Kinetic Field, Sleight of Fist, Overwhelming Odds, Maledict, Earthbind, Weave, Decay, Vacuum, Sticky Napalm, Ice Vortex, Reflection, Soul Catcher, Sun Strike, Nether Blast
-Inferno: Split Earth, Light Strike Array, Spin Web, Rain of Chaos
*Enabled Moon Glaive, as a buff placer, ranged only skill. The stacking rules of this skill are the same as for Poison Sting.
*The following skill can now be multicast: Reflection
*You are now reminded of your spells before picking a hero
*Entering -ready during the skill picking phase allows you to choose your remaining skills randomly
*The -si, -skillinfo, -spellinfo commands allow you to see your teammates' abilities in the scoreboard, similarly to -ii and -iteminfo
*The game now defaults to -sdzmls when left alone, instead of normal mode (that didn't work)

Balance (can be turned off with -bo):
*Dispersion: reduced to 6/8/10/12% on STR heroes and morphed heroes from a STR metamorphosis (like Chemical Rage)
*Last Word: reduced silence duration to 0.75/1/1.25/1.5s
*Rearm: now refreshes items, but has a 15/10/5s cooldown between each refresh
*You cannot pick more than 2 passive spells
*You cannot pick more than 2 spells from the same hero

Bug fixes:
*Enchant Totem now works correctly with arrow spells
*Fixed Fire Remnant interaction with passive on spell effect skills
*Fixed Spell Resistance abilities interaction with Hood/Cloak/Pipe and morphing spells
*Fixed Sleight of Fist not working with any hero model other than Ember Spirit
*Fixed -shuffleplayers to correctly hide the picked skills of the enemy side and show the picked skills of your side

*Removed access to Quas, Wex, Exort
*Added access to 4 random spells from Invoker's spell list, all of which are considered regular skills (different players can have access to different abilities, you may have any of the 10 spells in -ar)
*Transformation spells do not prevent the picking of melee/ranged heroes anymore, but will prevent the picking of melee/ranged exclusive skills (for instance, Elder Dragon Form prevents the picking of melee only skills because it transforms you into a ranged unit)
*Added a -addtime command to add 1 minute in the skill picking phase (can be used one time max)
*Added indicators for ranged only, melee only, ranged morph and melee morph skills when picking
*Marksmanship and Great Fortitude now give direct bonuses to the attributes of the hero
*Overload can now proc on Ball Lightning
*Added a few combinations: March of the Machines, Psionic Trap, Wall of Replica

*Illusions from morphed heroes are now morphed as well
*Fixed fatal errors sometimes happening in -s5 or -s6
*Fixed Essence Aura not increasing mana pool when chosen as a 5th skill
*Fixed the 10th players having only 8 heroes in -sd
*Fixed interactions between Jinada, Tidebringer and Bounty Hunter's Wind Walk
*Fixed illusions not increasing in size with Grow!
*Fixed Grow! to start growing from your hero's current size
*Fixed Grow! to correctly slow your hero's attacks and increase your size when chosen as a 6th skill
*Fixed heroes sometimes getting all aura buffs in the game
*Fixed Meepo having some passives and being unable to gain some other passives
*Fixed -sp (hide/show passives) malfunctioning in ardm
*Fixed Mana Break having no visual on attacked units
*Fixed being able to random spells from heroes you do not have in -sd or -md modes

(can be turned off with -bo)
*Reverted the limitations of 2 passives and 2 skills from the same hero. These limitations can be turned on with -ls (-limitskills)
*Random extra abilities from -ra mode no longer count against -ls skill limits
*Dispersion now only takes the main attribute of the hero into account (not any metamorphosis)
*Multicast chance reworked: instead of dividing multicast chances by 1.5, reduces the chances for a x2 multicast by 7%/3.5%/0%, x3 by 7%/3.5%, x4 by 7%
*Spells with a cooldown smaller than 3s can now be multicast
*Added Arc Lightning and Shadow Poison to the list of spells incompatible with Aftershock/Overload/etc (Arc Lightning still works with Static Field)
*Warpath can now proc on Quill Spray/Goo

*Added an announcement when -addtime is used
*Searing Chains can now be multicast

Bug fixes:
*Fixed Marksmanship, Great Fortitude, Phantom Edge, Coup de Grace and Permanent Invisibility being able to be skilled at level 8 and 10
*Fixed transforming making you lose your Aghanim upgraded ultimate
*Fixed CK's Critical Strike doing ministuns
*Fixed Chaos Bolt disappearing
*Fixed Tidebringer and Jinada malfunctioning with morphing abilities
*Fixed Illusion and Double Damage runes not working on magic immune heroes
*Fixed Leap and Pounce visual on flying heroes

Game modes:
-allpick(-ap), -allrandom(-ar), -singledraft(-sd), -mirrordraft(-md)

Additional game modes:
-draft 20(d2), -draft 30(d3), -draft 40(d4), -draft 50(d5)
-five skills(-s5), -six skills(-s6)
-unlimitedlevel(-ul), -seeskills(-ss), -antibackdoor(-ab), -fastneutrals(-fn)
-oneskill(-os), -balanceoff(-bo), -limitskills(-ls), -randomability(-ra)

Game commands:
-sp #

Official map developed for RGC.

Please leave any comment, bug reports or suggestions on the RGC LoD channel.
("/j LoD" in RGC)

You can also message Lordshinjo on PlayDotA, or leave a message on

Main game modes: (ap, ar, sd, md)
Sub modes: (d2, d3, d4, d5, s5, s6, os, ra, bo, ul, ss, ab, fn, ls)
Map by Lordshinjo

Get the latest map on !

Original OMG map by ~Bob~.
Continued and improved by Skino.
Current developer: Lordshinjo.

Thanks to:
ResQ, CvP, Hillo.

Changelog v5b (Balance & Bug fixes)


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