DotA Imba Legend v2.4b EN

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DotA Imba Legend v2.4b EN
Название: DotA Imba Legend v2.4b EN
Тип: Other
Местность: Felwood
Размер поля: 192x160
Количество игроков: 10
10.05.2012 11:27:28
1780 1892

DotA Imba Legends OMG mode by Flick |cffffff00 |r

Размер файла: 7632kb.
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Другие версии: dota imba legend
• 2.4b • 5.1e5.1d5.1c5.1b5.0c5.0b4.004.03.9g3.9f3.9b3.93.8b3.83.73.6b3.

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Рекомендованное количество игроков: 10
Подробное описание карты DotA Imba Legend v2.4b EN:

First and foremost, thanks to everyone in the community for always providing me with feedback and supporting the map.

Some people that have helped in one form or another include, but not limited to: Ki-Hunterkiller, arthur5863, Neichus, MYM|Merlini, coL.Warr1ck, Zetta, Plastic.Angel, TheRandomDude, Naz, IEatDeadPeoples, MYM|Maelk, RodOfNod, DamnNoHtml, Jazradel, Mercurial, Trystero, Philip.J.Fry, Cottontop, Minotaar, Switch, Terrorblaze, Ro-Coco, unHOLYdoNUTS, Akuryou, Sejr, Sledgehmr, eva00r, TheMantis, Ska_Goblin, ~PGRu-Unexpect3D, PitzerMike, snork, M3Th0dz, Jazradel, War-Mage, Malle, seerTneerGevoLI, Vexorian, MetallibaN, sSerenity, Mago-Merlino, Vodoun, coldlikehell, iNCQRiT, Infrisios, BeamCannon, LulaLula, Beast_Pete, Wedge, p0c, jmesch04, tinfoiltank, Guyoverthere, SetzerGabbiani, Danat, Pipedream, Rubadub, UTDC.Justin, ArcheKleine, eldorquo, Chairraider, Slam and Toadcop. Many others have contributed in some form or another, thank you.

This map has been written entirely from scratch. Even though the map has completely evolved from its earlier stages, various ideas are credited to AoS on StarCraft, Euls for the first DotA on ROC and then Meian/Guinsoo on TFT.

Thanks to JetFango: Dark Pact, Ice Vortex, Chilling Touch, Cold Feet, Mana Void, Death Pulse, Pit, Life Break, Trap, Plague, Storm Attack, Dark Portal Precast, Barrier, Orchid, Sonic Wave, Poison Nova Buff, Freezing Field and Ion Shell effects. Nasrudin: Weave, Evading Self:Ice Shards, Will the Almighty: Land Mine, Maledict, Blinding Light, and Blackhole. Happy_Tauren for Leoric's Crown
Santa Hat Model (debode), Ancient Apparition(PrMosquito), Ice Blast (sc_freek), EMP & Ice Blast Icon (KelThuzad), Crystal Nova (crazyrussian), essence aura (bloodyroadkill), Scorched Earth (Unexpected3D), Nightmare Sheep (Dan van Ohilus)
Due to space limitations in this window, I cannot list everything here. For various other contributors and resource credits visit

Full List:

Game Modes:
-allpick(-ap), -allrandom(-ar), -randomdraft (-rd), -extendedleague (-xl), -singledraft(-sd), -deathmatch(-dm), -captainsmode(-cm), -leaguemode(-lm), -mirrormatch(-mm), -teamrandom(-tr), -moderandom(-mr), -voterandom(-vr), -reverse(-rv), -duplicatemode(-du), -shuffleplayers(-sp), -samehero(-sh), -allagility(-aa), -allintelligence(-ai), -allstrength(-as), -itemdrop(-id), -easymode(-em), -nopowerups(-np), -supercreeps(-sc), -onlymid(-om), -notop(-nt), -nomid(-nm), -nobot(-nb), -noswap(-ns), -norepick(-nr), -poolingmode(-pm), -observerinfo(-oi), -miniheroes(-mi), -fastrespawn(-fr), -meleeonly(-mo), -rangeonly(-ro), -experimentalrunes(-er)

Game Commands:
-ma, -ms, -cs, -cson, -csoff, -disablehelp, -enablehelp, -unstuck, -recreate, -swaphero, -showmsg, -hidemsg, -showdeny, -hidedeny, -weather rain, -weather snow, -weather moonlight, -weather wind, -weather random, -weather off, -denyinfo (-di), -deathon(-don), -deathoff(-doff), -roll, -hideheronames(-hhn), -test, -mute, -gameinfo, -kickafk, -afkinfo, -apm, -clear, -swapall, -courier, -ah, -list, -rolloff, -rollon, -music, -water, -itemswap, -quote, -bonus, -switch, -terrain

This AI has been adapted from the scripts created by cloud_str and RGB. I've worked to improve compatibility as DotA changes, but main credits go to them.

This AI script is still under development. Some abilities will not be used properly (if at all) by bots but this will be addressed in future releases.

Currently the following have been disabled for this AI release:
Game modes: -lm, -vr, -rv, -rd, -xl, -cd, -cm, -so
Commands: -afk, -kickafk, -ah, -cm, -switch (-ok, -no, -unlock)
For fun: -fun

AI updates can be found at

AI and -fun content by BuffMePlz

You can reach me via PM on or through email (

I have a personal blog at

If you find any have suggestions, comments or questions please let me know. to get the latest map.

If you are looking for the latest Warcraft 3 patch, go to

Choose from 97 unique heroes in an epic battle to defend the Ancients.

More information at

If you would like to help beta test the new updates, sign up at:

Report any bugs to

You can also email them to me at

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