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Dau truong Zombie v1.4b
Название: Dau truong Zombie v1.4b
Тип: Hero Defense
Местность: Cityscape
Размер поля: 96x128
Количество игроков: 9
25.07.2013 11:06:14
118 168

Song sot sau moi dot Zombie. Zombie tro nen manh hon sau moi dot. Xuat hien Zombie moi sau moi dot. Tat ca chien binh se duoc hoi sinh sau moi dot.

Размер файла: 362kb.
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Другие версии: dau truong zombie
• 1.4b • 1.09c1.3b1.1c

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Рекомендованное количество игроков: 9-12
Подробное описание карты Dau truong Zombie v1.4b:
edit by woant6

Dau truong Zombie

Song sot sau moi dot Zombie. Giet trum o goc trai hoac song sot qua dot 10 de chien thang. Tai xuong phien ban moi hon tai http://warcmaps.com/maps/. Tat ca chien binh se duoc hoi sinh sau moi dot.
Dau game nen xay thung de chong do truoc cac dot Zombie hung han.
Cap nhat quan trong:
-Lenh -fo de goi su giup do cua nguoi dan.
-2 dot boss va linh xuat hien cung luc.
-Kho hon phien ban truoc.

-balacing changes
-new item
-inscreased mana-regeneration and exp rate of all heros
-added changelog
-added the 'Grenade' ability
-balaned the genator
-damage dealt is now shown
-balanced the burning pigs
-fixed some bugs
-dead units can now be directly revived by medics
-changed the medics skills
-fixed two bugs which appeared in last version
-made changes to the commander
-reworked the 'Grenade' ability
-fixed some bugs
-removed revive timer
-made changes to the hell and nightmare mod
-increased difficult
-changed and added some items
-made some changes to the shops
-balanced some spells and units
-removed magazines
-added events after wave 9
-bug fixes
-balancing changes
-new events and units
-balanced and changed all heros
-reworked the airstrike spell
-added new skills
-fixed many little bugs
-balanced many spells and units
-balanced some items
-removed additional loading time
-balaned some items
-changed some tooltips
-balanced some skills
-balanced some skills
-balanced/added/removed some items
-changed some tooltips
-fixed one bug
-added -name command
-ep and items won't be lost by repicking
-made changes to heros mana and regeneration.
-balanced some items
-made some items upgradeable
-repick has a gold cost of 30 now
-fixed some tooltips
-fixed teleport out of arena bug
-balancing changes
-added upgrades for walls
-changed some tooltips
-made changes to the shops
-fixed the 'Poison Bullets' skill
-removed the colored map name
-fixed the gold sharing bug
-fixed some tooltips
-made changes to the attacks of all heros
-balanced some spells and heros
-balancing changes
-icon changes
-added the 'Poison Trap' skill
-made changes to all bosses
-made changes to the Poison Trap
-added one new boss (Big Meatgolem)
-balacing changes
-made changes to the multiboard
-balancing changes
-made changes to some units, heros and spells
-balanced all spells
-changed the amor type of all bosses to heavy
-changed the amor of all bosses to 8
-balanced the leader
-balanced some skills
-added 3 zombie traits
-removed 3 zombie traits
-added more walls and time to prepare for the first wave
-balancing changes
-the damage of zombie's spells is now increased by 5%/wave
-added new items
-Added Nuoi Cuu and Xay tru
-Added Computer

-Don't go melee with zombies. -You allways need a medic for a good team.
-Have allways a healing potion in your inventory
-Use barricades to block zombies
-Build a base and use geneators to restore mana
-Maze with walls
-Mutants will explode after their dead
-After wave 9 instead of a new zombie a unique boss will appear in the beginning of each wave
-ep and items won't be lost by repicking

Type: Unit Target Range: 400 Area of Effect: - CastingTime: - Duration: 12.00 Cooldown: 1 Effect: Restores 65 hitpoints to targeted alied unit over 12 seconds.

Type: Activated Range: 250 Area of Effect: 700 CastingTime: - Duration: 2.50 Cooldown: 2.50 Effect: Restores 1 mana to the target.

Type: Orb Effect Range: 1800 Area of Effect: - CastingTime: - Duration: 5.00 Cooldown: - Effect: Reduces enemys movent- and attack-speed by 25% and deals 5 damage per seconds.

Schleudert einen vergifteten Dolch auf eine angewählte feindliche Einheit und verursacht dabei einen Anfangsschaden von Punkten sowie Sekunden lang einen weiteren Schaden von Punkten alle Sekunden. Das Gift verlangsamt für kurze Zeit das Bewegungstempo der angewählten feindlichen Einheit.

Adds a energy charge on targeted unit. Deals 11 damage per second for 30 seconds. If the target dies within the duration it sets free a energy charge which attacks nearby enemys with 5 damage and 0.25 cooldown for 25 seconds.

Creates a Generator who restores mana and deals 1.75x of his mana as damage to nearby enemy units if he dies. Each rank increases the mana and hitpoints of the generator by 10%, the manaregeneration by 0.01 and reduces the cooldown by 2.5.

Increases the attackspeed of the target by 50% but makes it losing 2 hitpoints per second. Lasts 18 seconds. Each rank increases the attackspeed bonus by 12.5% and the hitpoints lost by 0.10.

Weak range unit which can use magic to improved alied units, damage enemys and summon beast. Uses a staff to attack so he doesn't needs ammo.Damage: 49Cooldown: 1.00Range: 400Bullets per magazine: - Damage per second: 49

Marine soldier with lesser range and damage as the normal marine but with higher attackspeed and more hitpoints.Damage: 18Cooldown: 0.30Range: 800Bullets per magazine: 60Damage per second: 60

Creates a Sentry Gun which attacks nearby enemys. Each rank increaseas the damage by 2, the attackspeed by 5%, the hitpoints by 10% and desincreases the cooldown by 2.5.

Creates a Poison Trap at the targeted position which attacks enemies walking over it. The Trap lasts 25 seconds. Each rank increases the duration of the trap by 6.25.

Orc soldier with normal range but high attackspeed, hitpoints, splash damage and slow enemy .Damage: 17Cooldown: 0.32Range: 700Bullets per magazine: 90Damage per second: 53

Marine soldier who can motivate alied units and summon a shop where items can be bought.Damage: 25Cooldown: 0.44Range: 900Bullets per magazine: 45Damage per second: 57

Increases the distance attackdamage by 15%.Does not stack with other gunpowders.Can be upgraded for 250 gold. Nang cap nhap chuot trai vao item

Throws a grenade at the targeted position. The granade explodes after 2 seconds and deals 150 siege damage in a medium area. Each rank increases the damage by 38.

Marine soldier with high mana and damage but low attackspeed and range. Deals a small splash damage.Damage: 99Cooldown: 1.8Range: 500Bullets per magazine: 15Damage per second: 58

Song sot sau moi dot Zombie. Zombie tro nen manh hon sau moi dot. Xuat hien Zombie moi sau moi dot. Tat ca chien binh se duoc hoi sinh sau moi dot.

Orc soldier with less range but high attackspeed, hitpoints and splash damage.Damage: 13Cooldown: 0.22Range: 550Bullets per magazine: 90Damage per second: 59

Medics are able to heal alied units and brew healing potions.Damage: 36Cooldown: 0.60Range: 750Bullets per magazine: 30Damage per second: 60

Supports the targeted alied unit increasing its amor by 8, its hitpoint-regeneration by 2 and its damage by 12%. Lasts 20 seconds.

Tru phep thuat. Suc tan cong nho nhung lam mat nang luong doi thu. Co the phat hien tan hinh. Tan cong tren khong va duoi dat.

Bombarts the targeted area with 80 siege damage per second for 5 seconds. Each rank increases the damage per second by 20.

Type: ActivatedRange: -Area of Effect: 250CastingTime: -Duration: -Cooldown: 10.00Effect: Forces 2 nearby enemys to attack the caster.

-cam x (x=500-3000)
-name xxx
Red only:
-harder Increases the number of zombies per wave by 24
-kick x (x=color) host only

Deals 84 damage to surrounding enemy units and slows their movent- and attack-speed by 25%.Requires 'Beast Mastery' on rank 4.

Impales the attacked unit, deals 1 damage per second and slowes moventspeed by 65% and attackspeed by 25%.


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