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Bleach TD v1.9
Название: Bleach TD v1.9
Тип: Tower Defense (Cooperative)
Местность: Cityscape
Размер поля: 128x128
Игровое поле: 116x116
Количество игроков: 11
31.12.2008 00:34:49
493 321

Seireitei is being invaded by hordes of hollows! Is Aizen behind it all?! Defend soul society and build awesome Bleach characters! goose Presents Bleach TD v1.9 -There are 28 levels in this TD -A minigame will come after every third round -Lumber is used to build.

Размер файла: 182kb.
Скачать BleachTDv1.9.w3x
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Другие версии: bleach td
• 1.9 • 1.9c1.

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Рекомендованное количество игроков: 11
Подробное описание карты Bleach TD v1.9:
goose Presents

Bleach TD v1.9

-There are 28 levels in this TD
-A minigame will come after every third round
-Lumber is used to build ultimate towers and get new races
-In-game difficulty changes and player bans are handled democratically in the upper right corner of the map.
-Leaking in bunches becomes exponentially more harmful
-Be careful of the miss rounds, leaks are twice as deadly during these rounds.
-Read Quests if there's anything you don't understand
-Bugs removed
-Original version made by Rannen

-Banning and difficulty changes are handled democratically using the units in the upper right corner of the map. To vote for a ban or change, move your peasant to the designated area. When more than half of the current players send their peasants to an area, the vote passes.

Type -debug if a player has already left but they have stuck hollows.

Type -move if you have stuckies in your own spawn point

-Boss rounds are the most difficulty rounds in the game. Type -boss to see which rounds they are.

-Miss rounds have creeps that will avoid attacks 50% of the time. To see which rounds are miss rounds, type -miss

-Fast Rounds have creeps that move almost twice as fast. To see which rounds are fast rounds, type -fast

-Air rounds have air units. To see which rounds are air rounds, type -air

-Minigames will be held every 3 levels, and will explain themselves when they appear.

-Bosses are immune to Yamamoto's attack, so one Boss leak will spell death.

-Hollow: A soul which has been corrupted by powerful negative emotions. It resembles a monster, and is very dangerous.

-Menos Grande: A being formed by melding hundreds of hollows together. It is very powerful, and very evil.

-Shinigami: Translates literally to 'Death God,' but the term 'Soul Reaper' might be more accurate. These are the spirits who reside in the Soul Society with the power to battle hollows.

-Zanpaktou: Translates roughly to 'Soul Slayer,' it is a weapon wielded by shinigami with the power to cleanse or destroy souls. Each Zanpaktou is as unique as its owner.

-Shikai: The first stage of Zanpaktou release, the form alters, the power increases, and the special ability of the weapon becomes apparent.

-Bankai: The final stage of Zanpaktou release, which is usually of tremendous proportions. The power of a Bankai leaves Shikai in the dust, but only powerful shinigami can call out a Bankai.

-Seireitei: The fortress in Soul Society where the shinigami reside.

This takes place shortly after the Bounto arrive in Soul Society. Hollows have begun pouring into Seireitei in huge numbers, their target appears to be a new device manufactured by the 12th Shinigami Squad. Master Yamamoto is not releasing details on the device, but has taken it to a safe location. The shinigami have set up a partially effective re-direction field around the safehouse which should provide at least 2 chances to stop each wave of Hollows. It is likely Aizen is behind this...

Ririn does not cause much physical harm, but every 4 seconds she releases an illusion to confound one enemy, sending it back towards the spawn point until she casts another illusion. Does not work on bosses, does not work if enemy is already in the spawn point. Place her at the back of your maze, but be sure to have plenty of damage towers first.

With Hyourinmaru at Bankai, icy wings and a tail will solidify onto Hitsugaya's back, making him resemble a cross between dragon and angel. The frost attack at Bankai comes with a wide splash radius but low damage for the cost, be sure he has damage towers to support him.

Baura is the doll of Sawatari, the old man. Every 4 seconds he'll automatically use his special ability to warp the space close to his body, hurtling the enemies around randomly and damaging them. Also works on bosses, cannot inflict killing blows, melee range only.

Kuchiki Byakuya, captain of the 6th squad and possibly the most powerful captain of all. His Senbonzakura will shatter into many small metal fragments which he can control. When they reflect the light, they appear to be flower petals.

Kira is the lieutenant of the 3rd squad, his zanpaktou has the ability to double the weight of an object every time it strikes that object. He will be using it to increase the weight of boulders before rolling them onto the enemy. Hits ground only.

Seemingly all-powerful leader of the Bounto, yet he has never attacked using anything other than his physical body. Kariya's presence will freeze an enemy in place and quickly drain its life. Bosses take damage but do not freeze.

The Shinigami Defensive Task Force Consists of Squads 4 and 10... and Ganju, who tagged along with Hanatarou. They have many support abilities that increase attack and speed along with great mazing capability, but relatively weak towers.

Strange allies for strange times, the Bounto have vowed to destroy the hollows so that they themselves can take revenge. The Bounto have strong towers but bad mazing capabilities. Some of their towers have special effects.

A modified soul who can warp space, like the bounto doll Baura. His special ability activates when he attacks, randomly tossing about enemies and deals them 800 damage every 4 seconds, it strikes bosses as well but cannot inflict killing blows. Range of 600ft.

It's defenitely Kenpachi, captain of the 11th squad, though he has yet to get serious about this fight. He wears an eyepatch to obscure his vision, and will be idly swatting at ground enemies that approach within melee range.

They're in trouble when Kenpachi decides to remove his eyepatch, which is actually an energy leech that he wears for fun. His power will sky-rocket, enabling fast ranged attacks. However, he still only strikes ground units.

Outwardly the captain of the 10th squad appears to be a boy, but in reality he is a powerful and sensible warrior. His zanpaktou Hyourinmaru can form ice dragons to chill a single target to the bone.

His name was mistakenly pronounced by Ichigo when they first met, so even to this day he is also called Chad. The Strong Blasts from his fist can cause splash damage to several enemies, speed is slightly below average.

Rukia will be using Destructive art #31: Shot of Red Fire for this battle. Once she has been called out, decide if you want the full incantation or the short one, or she will not attack at all. She can switch back and forth in mid-battle.

Claude is a modified soul with the ability to mimic the form and ability of others. He can take the shape of many other fighters of comparable cost, but can't attack until you tell him who to mimic.

Matsumoto Rangiku, Lieutenant of the 10th squad. Her second largest endowment is her zanpaktou, Haineko, which can dissolve into deadly mobile ashes to cause area damage. Best attack damage for the cost in defensive force.

It seems like he's always getting pushed around, but that might be for the best. Kon's girlish cries for help can call forth Ichigo and the rest of the gang. Easy to use, well balanced force.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... Yumichika of the 11th squad will be giving a good show of himself swiping at enemies with his Fujikujaka. Short range, strikes up to 3 opponents at once.

Zabimaru's Bankai resembles an enormous serpent made from bone links connected by pure energy. The Disconnected Fang attack will cause severe damage to four ground targets, average cooldown.

Devoted employee of Kisuke Urahara, Tessai can call out everyone from the shop and the three modified souls as well. Just like Urahara himself, you can expect this force to make use of many unusual abilities.

Captain Unohana of the 4th squad has a most unusual zanpaktou. Minazuki takes the form of a large flying beast, and has a splash wide enough to strike every hollow spawned. Unohana's presence also increases all nearby units attack 15%.

Gowa's doll, Daruku, is made from living metal. She can split and recombine herself without losing control of a single piece of her body. Attacks with mid range slash attacks, hits ground only with superb speed.

Ichinose is a shinigami who has devoted himself to Kariya Jin. His Rainbow Haze makes it seem as though there are many more of him raining down countless blows. Rainbow Haze must be activated manually once.

Not much is known about the fighting style used by Urahara, but he seems to be able to use a technique similar to Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou. Average Range, Large Splash, Excellent Damage.

The Shinigami Attack Force consists mainly of squad 11, but also has members from squads 6 and 3. It is lead by Kuchiki Byakuya, and contains the most powerful single attack in the game. Somewhat poor mazing capabilties.

Renji's Zabimaru resembles a fusion between whip and sword. It can lash out and strike 3 opponents as long as they are reasonably close together. Average range, hits ground only.

Attempting to enter and control a hollow would have a severe negative impact on this little doll, so in this situation she can do little more than slam into them. Short range, good power.

Yoshi is one of the few Bounto who fights directly, her doll being nothing more than a sword chained to a battle fan. Her sword deals hard fast damage to ground with melee only range, her fan wipes out air at 500 ft.

The Lieutenant of the 4th squad. She attacks a single target with good range and power, and also has the ability to increase the speed of up to 3 nearby units, sometimes including herself.

If killed by an enemy, time for this unit reverts to the stage before it was called out, refunding the money you lost. Because it takes energy to use this skill, only 90% of the lost money is refunded.

Calling out his Bankai will increase both the speed and power of Byakuya's attack. He will also be able to use his ultimate destructive ability, Hakuteiken.


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