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Описание Police Pursuit Mod Beta 4.0:

Hello this mod is effectively a Police mod. It allows you to take on the roll as a Police Officer and focuses specfically on police chases. If your like me and love a nice long police chase with other police vehicles and officers helping you chase the guy then this mod if for you.

Current version: Beta 6.0

Lastest changes and version: See author site.

Содержание архива развернуть/свернуть
Police Pursuit Mod[].asi121.5 Kb.20.11.09 01:29:30
PolicePursuit.ini2.95 Kb.18.11.09 15:45:16
ScriptHook.dll435 Kb.09.07.09 20:16:34
Speedo.asi138 Kb.22.10.09 17:44:12
readme.txt3.36 Kb.12.11.09 18:44:32
readme.txt +/-
***** This mod was produced by members (or a memeber) of Team-NeO. *****
******************** **************************
********************** Version: 3.0 Beta *******************************

About this mod and what it does:

GTA IV as most people know lacks the aspect of being on the 'Good' side for a change. Yes it's fun but sometimes being
a police officer can be just as fun - that's where this mod comes in. This mod focuses on police pursuits. There's nothing
better than a nice long police chase with your fellow officers and yourself chasing the suspect throughout the city.

Should you manage to stop the suspect you have the choice of either arresting him or killing him to complete the mission.
To arrest a suspect simply aim your gun at them at close range. However, arresting a suspect is not always possible especially
if hes facing an AK47 in your direction. As a police officer you do not become wanted for firing your weapon or ramming a cop
heck - you could kill 3 officers and the feds won't come after you! We make the rules and we're above the law, what more can you
ask for? :)

If you find yourself in a long drawnout pursuit or need more officers, simply press the F3 button to call for more backup!
I hope this information has helped and more information regarding installation and key controls can be found below. This mod
is actively being developed and I have more things planned for the future but if you want to express your opinion of this mod
feel free to visit the website at the top of this page and give us a shout! we'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Enjoy the mod!


1) If you havent already, download and install an ASI loader.

2) Extract the contents of the zip file to your game's main directory. (Where the GTAIV.exe is)


3) Open PolicePursuit.ini and edit the controls. The defaults are shown below.

4) Start the game as you would normally. Once in-game you should see messages related to our mod.

5) To initiate the mod press the "ActivateMod" button, by default this is numpad 0.


Activate Police Mod: Numpad 0

Request police backup: F3

Start A Police Chase/Mission: [

Spawn a Police Car: F7

Fix your Car: F8

Clear cops/missions/characters: F9 (If you want to cancel a mission or for whatever reason cops/vehicles/suspect vehicle doesnt disappear)

NOTES: Please remember this mod is in beta stage and bugs have been fixed but please, report all bugs
and suggestions you have!

Author Details: NeO_Anderson [Member of Team]


1) Members of Team NeO that helped with the programming/scripting.

2) The wiki (despite most of it being guess work...)

3) arc_ for his help with C/C++. Much appreciated!

4) You - the people that download, use and compliment my efforts!

Known Bugs and To do list:

Visit for info.

Latest version can be downloaded from


Разместил: NeO Anderson
Скачать Police Pursuit Mod Beta 4.0
Размер файла: 328.53 Kb.
Просмотров: 945 Скачиваний: 69

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