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Описание Player Selector v1.4:

This is the updated version of the famous Player Selector, for GTA IV v1.0.4.0 and lower.

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Player Selector v1.4 - By C06alt

Whats new.?


Support for GTAIV Version
More voice options.
Ambient objects.
Some animaitons.


1. Removed nico from mp as he causes crashes.
2. Player Selector now starts Disabled. Press numpad * to begin.
3. disable the disabled message when disabled and hit a numpad key.
4. fixed a bug with voice menu rotation in reverse.
5. Added Some new voice options for each group
6. Fixed noose helicopter pilot voice.
7. FIB and NOOSE both use the correct voices.
8. Added internet anywhere by quick code 500 in the voice menu. *unsupported in mp
9. Support for GTAIV Version


Fixed issues with the plugin failing to start after loading a save game or joining a multiplayer game.


Visual menu driven system.
Clothing can now be selected individually.
All Characters have there own voices.
It is easy to toggle between your Nico and his clothes and your last custom model.
A new rapid numerical entry system to let you select your favorite model instantly.
All weapons health and Armour are transfer to the new model.
Swat animations changed to upright.
New mode "Speech" allows you to say up to 50 different sayings per character.
Hot keys can be disabled and re enabled in game.

1) - Menus

There are 3 basic modes but the controls are basically the same for them.

In this mode you can change clothing and the model its self

In this mode you can make your charact3r say various sayings
If you don't use the menu within a few seconds it will fade out.
Any input of the numpad will make it visible again.

In this mode only the main menu hotkey can be used to switch back to the other menus and
in turn activate rest of the numpad.
This maximize compatibility between other mods.

Quick Select
Quick select is activated from either the model menu or the speech menu.
To activate quick select press numpad 0.
After you press 0 you have 1 second to type in your favorite model number or speech depending on the previous menu
and it will be activated.

There is one more feature of the quick select. If you press numpad 0 once when in model mode you will change to the Nico you were when you
loaded into the game. a second press of the numpad 0 will change you back to the model you were just before.
In both cases saving all your clothes health weapons ect ect.
This is useful if you want to try to play single player for before you save and before a cutscene.

2) - Keys

-All Modes-

Numpad * : Switches between the modes (Character,Speech,Disabled)

-Character Mode-

Numpad + : Change model up.
Numpad - : Change model down.
Numpad 1 - 9 : Change clothing options.

-Speech Mode-

Numpad + : Change page of speech up.
Numpad - : Change page of down.
Numpad 1 - 9 : Speak the displayed speech..


Numpad * : This will cycle back to the menus

Known Bugs:

A game will not reload if you save with a character other then Nico.
A cutscene will crash the game if you are not Nico.


Thanks to aru specifically for the c++ script hook.
Id also like to thank all the address documenters.


Разместил: C06alt
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