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Описание GTA SA Easy Install Skins:

Using my own files, this is a really easy way to install skin selector, terminator & halo skins.

Takes less than 5 mins

Содержание архива развернуть/свернуть
GTA SA Halo Skin.bmp1.37 Mb.10.03.10 20:02:20
GTA SA Skin Selector.bmp1.37 Mb.10.03.10 20:05:24
GTA SA Terminator Skin.bmp1.37 Mb.10.03.10 20:03:56
Install & Use Skins.txt631 b.12.03.10 17:56:40
Thumbs.db13.5 Kb.10.03.10 20:08:30
cleo3.exe458.28 Kb.10.03.10 20:29:16
gta.dat3.71 Kb.18.01.09 19:42:20
skin.img1.76 Mb.06.03.10 16:32:08
skin_n.cs21.39 Kb.04.03.09 20:20:36
Install & Use Skins.txt +/-
You need to install cleo 3 in gta san andreas v1 for this mod to work!!!

How to install:
Install cleo 3 (browse for you gta san andreas file).
Copy both skin_n & skin into cleo folder in your gta san andreas file.
Copy & replace the gta file in the data folder in you gta san andreas file.

How to use:
To bring up skin selection menu press: TAB, Q, E, at the same time. Then press space bar
to use your custom skins.
Or to quickly change between skins just press TAB & E, Or TAB & Q.

Extra: when you are on the selection screen press left mouse button to make a clone of
the person you want.

Good Luck!!!


Разместил: Stowellzy
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