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GTA: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas Trainer +11

Содержание архива:
gtasa11trnp.nfo1.62 Kb.08.06.05 23:21:12
trainer.exe12.86 Kb.09.06.05 04:29:32
gtasa11trnp.nfo +/-
Title   - GTA San Andreas
Options - +11
Version - 1.0
Date    - 09/06/05

Run The trainer before or during the game and press the
selected hotkey for the desired effect.

Grand.Theft.Auto.San.Andreas.Plus.13.Trainer-ReVOLVeR is a +8 if you 
look at the trainers options. a shot up rls.


F2 Infinite Health       - Gives you infinite health
F4 Infinite Ammo         - Give you infinite ammo
F9 Give $99999999        - Now I'm Lost ;)
F5 Instant Kill          - Everything will die in one hit simple as
F6 Instant Kill OFF      - Turn Instant kill off
F7 No Wanted Level       - No Police
F8 Max Wanted Level      - All Police
U Freeze Sweets Health   - This is handy for missions like sweets girl it will stop his health decreasing 
                           you have as much time as you want to get to him.
F10 Freeze Game Time     - Freeze Game Time
F11 Light My Fire        - Any Car you drive into will set off a chain reaction of fire and all 
                           in the immediate vacinity will blow so watch it
I   Enemy No Fire        - This will stop the enemie characters attacking you. This doesnt come without 
adverse effects though.
                           when entering or leaving a new area the camera will stay zoomed in at that one spot 
and youll be 
                           elsewhere. Just hit K to disable to sort the camera out.
T - freeze mission timer - Freeze Mission Timer tested on (home invasion) mission
F12 Disable Everything   - Turn Everything off

If you have read this nfo thouroughly you should'nt have any problems.

Well till the next release.


Скачать GTA: San Andreas Trainer +11
12.33 Kb. Разместил: Sk1per

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