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Css Training
Название: Css Training, 1283kb.

Тип: Fun Type

Its just a quick fun map, and fork vs you is just for fun, and theres a little suprise inside the map, Get pro bro! :D. Please comment if you find any bugs! :D

-Thanks for downloading :)

Awp CityHall
Название: Awp CityHall, 3690kb.

Тип: Sniper War

Map Created By kOx6-Design.Fr (french Website) ! thanks for Download, have fun !

Dm RS Soul Wars
Название: Dm RS Soul Wars, 623kb.

Тип: Deathmatch

RuneScape is a registered trademark of JaGeX Entitled . I do not claim, or have any affiliation with JaGeX Entitled .Consider this, free advertising for The `DmRsSoul_Wars` map I created is a map I was inspired to make

cs black hawk down
Название: cs black hawk down, 17348kb.

Тип: Hostage Rescue

This map is made according to the `Black Hawk Down` movie. You will love it.

Don`t worry about the textures, the models, the radar and the waypoint. This map has its own textures, models, radar and waypoint. I`ve uploaded all.


fy arctic paintball
Название: fy arctic paintball, 1376kb.

Тип: Fight Yard

Works great as a GG map as well. This is a quality creation. email is hit me up to come play with us

aim masog deagle dust
Название: aim masog deagle dust, 1052kb.

Тип: CombatSkill

This is my first map aim_ Have fun and leave some comments, please :)


aim schlachtfeld
Название: aim schlachtfeld, 1641kb.

Тип: CombatSkill

Hi im C H I K O,

Today i uploaded the Final Version of my 4th Map: aim_schlachtfeld.

all rights reserved by C H I K O 89

awp desert house beta
Название: awp desert house beta, 484kb.

Тип: Sniper War

This is my first awp map and i hope you like it. The Map will update soon. Write me if you find bugs. And comment pls. Ps: Sry for my bad english

obj town
Название: obj town, 467kb.

Тип: OtherMisc

A objective map, need the ct`s planting the bomb press `e` at panel of the generator of the terrorist base. T`s must defense the generator, and ct`s attack it.

Fy orangeworld2011
Название: Fy orangeworld2011, 414kb.

Тип: Fight Yard

This is my little map as fy_iceworld. it`s very funny to play with bots and without them with your friends.

ka myers
Название: ka myers, 1735kb.

Тип: Knife Arena

Game: Counter-Strike Source

Gamemode: Knife Arena

Installation: C:Program FilesSteamsteamapps(your account name)counter-strike sourcecstrikemaps

Players: 64 Spawnpoints

Bot Support:

deathrun mini easy v1
Название: deathrun mini easy v1, 118kb.

Тип: Death Run

It`s very easy ! Elle est vraiment simple !

de blackwing descent
Название: de blackwing descent, 231kb.

Тип: BombDefuse

Okay, so here is my third map, and some people may notice some similarity between this and raid called Blackwing descent from WoW Cataclysm. And of course that is where name of map comes from. I was first going to make this map more little than

trikz research laboratories b
Название: trikz research laboratories b, 18450kb.

Тип: Trikz

Havent been active for while, but now decided complete some of my old projects. This is first beta of my first trikz map. more levels will be added in later versions.

These first levels are around low-mid, later versions new levels will be

awp ViRtuAL v1
Название: awp ViRtuAL v1, 173kb.

Тип: Sniper War

New map by ViRtuAL

de favela rio beta2
Название: de favela rio beta2, 23445kb.

Тип: BombDefuse



defavelario_beta had a crashing issue for some people. It was some problem with the files embedding to bsp process. The map didnt need to be recompiled, but anyway I

aim assault xelos beta
Название: aim assault xelos beta, 2280kb.

Тип: CombatSkill

This map is the result of a combination of some elements from csoffice and csassault. In this map the CT`s must storm a warehouse. the T`s must defend this warehouse, where they host their drugmoney. The T`s could camp at several places, but the

mg csg galactic gulag
Название: mg csg galactic gulag, 33127kb.

Тип: Mini Game

A course map set in a spaceship. An escape from a prison (or Gulag!) through some complex and difficult challenges!

No known bugs at this moment.

A second version is a posibillity.

40 Spawn Points

Let me know if

Surf Sexyartz
Название: Surf Sexyartz, 15032kb.

Тип: Surf Style

This map is my pride and joy. I spent countless hours working on it, and for the first time I am proud to release something. I spent a lot of time in making exciting jails as well as the surf.

The timer is set at 5 minutes. If you fail to

awp lego masog
Название: awp lego masog, 1663kb.

Тип: Sniper War

This is my first map awp_ Have fun and please leave some comments :) Thanks to BoHaRoX and DavidM for textures.


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